January 5, 2016

Website Design

vR Solutions develops websites for individuals, businesses, organisations and charities. We do everything from simple 1 page websites to full scale e-commerce platforms.

All of the websites we develop are tailored to your specification including colour scheme, layout and interface. We will present designs to you based on what we feel will reach the goals you are trying to achieve but are more than happy to listen to any input you have regarding how you want the site to look. Examples of existing websites are one of the most helpful ways you can express to us the design you are aiming for.

There are 3 main costs to consider when building a website:

The cost to have the website developed (prices below),
The cost to have the website hosted,
The cost to purchase a domain name

Once you have a website built by us you will need to have it hosted on a server so that it is accessible to the public. This is usually paid on an annual basis.

The other cost you have to consider is purchasing a domain name (e.g. www.vrsolutions.co.uk) so that people know how to get to your website. This is also paid on an annual basis.

Web Hosting

You can choose to pay for additional years hosting up front to lower the ongoing costs of the website. These are as follows:

1 Year Web Hosting - FREE (£60 / year thereafter)
2 Years Web Hosting - £100
3 Years Web Hosting - £150
4 Years Web Hosting - £200
5 Years Web Hosting - £250